Optimum Home

Two Storey Net Zero Home

The Optimum Discovery Home features several leading-edge building design and construction technologies, offering homebuyers improved comfort, better indoor air quality, and tools to efficiently control energy use resulting in lower utility bills.

BK Cornerstone is an industry leader who is committed to building homes to higher energy and building standards. We incorporate a whole-home approach using energy-efficient technologies and strategies to build homes that are more durable, sustainable and are more likely to increase in value over the years.

The Optimum Home Program equips builders with leading-edge technical and marketing training from renowned building science experts with an extensive background in energy efficiency and sustainable housing. The goal is to help builders design, build and market high-performance homes which exceed the current Ontario Building Code efficiency standards.

  • The latest insulation technology from Owens Corning®. Using the Code Board System® we have been able to achieve a R32 exterior wall with fewer thermal breaks
  • The newest high efficiency heat pump from Armstrong® with an efficiency rating of 95.5 plus in heating mode and 21 Sear in cooling.
  • High efficiency triple pane North Star window from Martindale Windows. The only windows with a lifetime warranty.
  • A solar PV system from Unconquered Sun. Offsets the energy used to create a “Net-Zero” home.
  • James Hardie® cement fiber siding for outstanding durability and additional protection against weather.
  • Smart Electronics including programmable thermostats, occupancy sensors and leading edge LED technology.