Windsor and Essex County’s First EnviroHome
Windsor Life Magazine

BK Cornerstone built Windsor and Essex County’s first EnviroHome.

Canada is a world leader in residential construction technology. Builders and housing experts from around the world come to our country to learn new approaches to housing design and construction. EnviroHome projects demonstrate why. An EnviroHome project features new homes that are better for the environment, healthier to live in, affordable, exceptionally comfortable, highly energy efficient, and provide R-2000 quality Assurance.

These homes are specially designed to help our environment in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Climate change caused by burning of fossil fuels
  • Increased allergies caused by indoor and outdoor air pollutants
  • Health concerns related to the use of harmful chemicals
  • Water consumption concerns
  • Loss of green space in urban areas
  • Consumption of many natural resources

Across Canada, only about 10 homes earn this distinction each year, and we built one of them!