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A Unique Development Designed for the Relaxed Lifestyle of those Fifty and Older
Windsor Life Magazine 

On a chilly winter evening, when most people were dozing in front of their television sets, a gathering of men and women streamed into a stylish new townhome, laughing and bantering good-naturedly like old friends. Except these were new friends, happily brought together when each recently bought residences in Cooper’s Mill Retirement Community.

Jim and Sharon Green are often found in the thick of such occasions. “Many times, there are impromptu, spontaneous get togethers at somebody’s home,” Jim says. Organized golf tournaments, street barbecues and other excuses to have fun encourage neighbourhood interaction. Cooper’s Mill residents since April, 2005, Jim admits, “Our biggest worry was leaving friends from our old neighbourhood and moving where we didn’t know anyone. Our worries were for naught.”

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Home Sweet Home Means More With ENERGYSTAR
Windsor Life Magazine

If you go to the Mobarak family’s home, you won’t see a big star shining above their EnergyStar® home, distinguishing it from other houses in the area. The real proof can be seen on the Mobaraks’ monthly hydro and natural gas bills.

The homeowners, Michelle and Hafeezul Mobarek, are part of a growing group of consumers who are putting increasing importance on construction technology. After moving to the Windsor area they did extensive research before entering into home ownership including comparisons between previously owned homes and new ones like the one recently built with BK Cornerstone Design/Build Ltd.

“When looking at the resale market we were concerned about a drafty home, rooms that are too hot or too cold, and high energy bills,” says Michelle. With the impending birth of their first child and maternity leave,Michelle was set on being sure their purchase decision was the right one. In the end, the Mobareks were most pleased. “We got exactly what we wanted for a similar price as a resale home – and we got the benefits of EnergyStar,” says Michelle.

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Building Homes That Save
Windsor Life Magazine

If you feel guilty turning up the thermostat or wince when you open the electric bill, you will appreciate the energy saving qualities of the new EnviroHome, being built locally by BK Cornerstone Design/Build Ltd.

Partners Ben Klundert and Kevin Brady have already proven their commitment to environmentally ethical home construction with their R-2000 and ENERGY STAR® houses. Now they are getting their EnviroHome in readiness for its grand opening in June. The EnviroHome designation is reserved for new home projects that meet demanding technical and environmental standards. Across Canada, only about 10 projects earn this distinction each year.

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Accepting the Challenge: Building Homes that Save
Windsor Life Magazine

As a leader in the home construction industry, BK Cornerstone Design/Build Ltd. has just completed Essex County’s first ENERGY STAR® qualified model home.

“Rising fuel costs and the increased pressure to reduce green house gases has moved into the housing industry. It’s time to take the challenge and build homes that do more to save energy, save the environment and improve indoor air quality,” says Ben Klundert, who owns BK Cornerstone.

BK Cornerstone has a long history (first as Ben Klundert & Son and now as BK Cornerstone Design/Build) of building quality custom homes throughout Essex County. Ben with over 25 years construction experience respectively, takes great pride in the materials, technique and technology that go into the homes they create for their homeowners.

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Windsor and Essex County’s First EnviroHome
Windsor Life Magazine

BK Cornerstone built Windsor and Essex County’s first EnviroHome.

Canada is a world leader in residential construction technology. Builders and housing experts from around the world come to our country to learn new approaches to housing design and construction. EnviroHome projects demonstrate why. An EnviroHome project features new homes that are better for the environment, healthier to live in, affordable, exceptionally comfortable, highly energy efficient, and provide R-2000 quality Assurance.

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