Home Sweet Home Means More With ENERGYSTAR
Windsor Life Magazine

If you go to the Mobarak family’s home, you won’t see a big star shining above their EnergyStar® home, distinguishing it from other houses in the area. The real proof can be seen on the Mobaraks’ monthly hydro and natural gas bills.

The homeowners, Michelle and Hafeezul Mobarek, are part of a growing group of consumers who are putting increasing importance on construction technology. After moving to the Windsor area they did extensive research before entering into home ownership including comparisons between previously owned homes and new ones like the one recently built with BK Cornerstone Design/Build Ltd.

“When looking at the resale market we were concerned about a drafty home, rooms that are too hot or too cold, and high energy bills,” says Michelle. With the impending birth of their first child and maternity leave,Michelle was set on being sure their purchase decision was the right one. In the end, the Mobareks were most pleased. “We got exactly what we wanted for a similar price as a resale home – and we got the benefits of EnergyStar,” says Michelle.

The Mobareks liked that the EnergyStar program took a whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort, while protecting the environment. “I liked that an independent third-party was responsible for testing the home,” says Michelle. “A builder will always tell you that they build a quality product, but unless it’s tested – you can’t be sure.”

EnergyStar homes feature power-saving heating and cooling systems, sealed ductwork, low-e argon windows, air tightness and lots of insulation in the walls and ceilings. A heat recovery ventilation system cycles fresh air into the home which helps improve air quality which results in better health and comfort. Hafeezul, who has asthma, now breaths better.

Natural Resources Canada maintains an EnergyStar home will more than compensate for any additional costs for the energy saving features. The Mobaraks have found this to be true. The only thing the family gave up by being energy conscious is a big energy bill.

“We figure the payback will be a little more than two years” says Michelle. With less energy usage, they know their home is also easier on the environment – a vital consideration, as they contemplate their son Nicholas’ future on this planet.

BK Cornerstone is one of the area’s few certified EnergyStar builders.

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